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These pieces were created in a spontaneous nature, by nature. Some songs are as old as 5 years, some were fresh accidents, but each one drew from the same inspiration and month.

Recorded and Mixed at MB Studios by Matthew and Adam Vitti
Mastered by Michael DiCrescenzo at MD Sounds


released October 24, 2012

Adam - guitar, supercollider, drums
John Downes-Angus - guitar, vocals, glockenspiel, thumb piano, tambourine, portative organ
Emmett Knox - upright bass, sound, noise
Matthew - vocals, drums, bass, piano, groovebox, slide guitar, keyboards, elka x-55
Amanda Bloom - telephone poetry call
Matt Grandin - album art
Jeff Angus - album art



all rights reserved


So Big New York, New York

We recommend that every night you read yourself to sleep, and we want you to wake up the next morning full of hope and joy and fear.

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Track Name: The First Love Story Goes Like This
The first love story goes like this: The son tells the mother something that leads the mother to believe that the son is already dead. The son says his stomach is not right and he won’t be able to eat tonight. The mother is indifferent to the son’s death. The son is forgotten by almost everybody who knew him before he died. The girl he loves hides lying down in a field of uncut grass, counting blades.
Track Name: Paddycake
Love or Language: Which came first? Do I need to be able to say what love is in order to honestly tell you I love you? Maybe question's answered now, in this summer storm: that lightening flash, this thunderclap.
Track Name: Balance
Imagine laughter began before love. Imagine what laughter was like after love began. Imagine love began before laughter. Imagine what laughter was like after laughter began. Now remember the first fire and the first fist fight and the first exile.
Track Name: Backwater Rising
Backwater rising, Southern peoples can not do at any time, I. Backwater rising, Southern peoples can do at anytime. And I can not get my daughter to Memphis. Backwater rising, Southern peoples can't make no time, I said. And I can't get no hearing from that Memphis girl of mine.
Track Name: F to G#
A man without a hat worn by the cold light of the moon fades away. A man without a hat, a tablet into your page, sad and sadder still. This does not mean anything, and you can.
Track Name: So Sad To Hear About Your Birthday
So sad to hear about your birthday. Happy birthday.
Track Name: Ready In A Minute
Please don't be so hard on yourself. Ain't no use walkin' on water anymore. $600,000. Don't touch it or I'll kill you.
Track Name: Frog Hollow
If any of the futures have gone before us to think, why not respond to them: that the air is thin? I wonder.
Track Name: Shabby Fur Coat
"We can presuppose, we can presuppose, we can presuppose, we can presuppose. To love is to presuppose that others are loving." ~ SK